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About Apeiron Hong Kong

Founded in 2007, Apeiron Hong Kong is a family owned and operated insurance brokerage firm, now managed by the 2nd generation. With a focus on High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Clients, Apeiron Hong Kong understands the unique needs and solutions associated with this specialised customer base. 


Our insurance expertise in Hong Kong stems from working with thousands of high net worth individuals. Apeiron Hong Kong has also partnered with hundreds of professional firms that are working in the High Net Worth space to help their clients achieve their financial objectives. 


Apeiron Hong Kong is a member of the Apeiron Group of Companies which all work to serve High Net Worth Individuals in multi-jurisdictions. As one of the few groups in the world that are truly multi-jurisdictional, Apeiron remains as one of the few boutique firms in the High Net Worth Life Insurance space that can serve the needs of the world’s international wealthy clients.  


At our core, Apeiron Hong Kong remains a family insurance business that still operates on the same values since our founding. We apply the same guiding principle for us as to our customers: Protecting Values for Generations.  



Today, Apeiron Hong Kong's mission is to be Hong Kong’s leading boutique advisory firm in the High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth space. 


Apeiron Hong Kong empowers clients with knowledge, provides unbiased advisory, and puts our client’s needs first. 

We do this by:  ​

Developing incredible relationships with the world’s leading insurance carriers   


Building operational support with an ever-growing solutions portfolio. 


Putting people at the centre of our solutions  


Apeiron Hong Kong strives to be the leading insurance boutique High Net Worth Life Insurance Brokerage firm in Hong Kong serving greater Asia. 
As an insurance firm that has always focused on serving the unique needs of the wealthy families in Asia, we hold a unique position in the world as a one of the few companies that are truly multi-jurisdictional while being founded, built and lead by Asians. 


Our Culture

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